Today in school we had a substitute teacher in one of my classes and I pulled an epic prank on the whole class. When he had to leave the classroom for a few minutes, I went up to the whiteboard and wrote TROLOLOLOL in all caps (for those of you who don't know, this is the catchphrase of the Troll Face from Rage Comics). It took up like half of the white board xD By the time he got back, I was sitting at my desk pretending that nothing happened, but all my stupid classmates were staring at me (they didn't get the reference). When the sub asked "who wrote this?" I was trying really hard not to laugh and I stood up while making the same facial expression as the Troll Face meme and I asked "problem?" I was expecting AT LEAST one of my classmates to laugh, but nobody did (like I said earlier, they didn't get the reference). Still standing, I thought of a new joke. I made the facial expression of Doge (a different internet meme) and I said "much troll, very epic" so everyone would get that it's a joke about the Troll Face. To my surprise, not a single person laughed, and after a few seconds of me waiting for everyone to get the joke, a kid said "sit down faggot." I asked if he went on the Four-Chan forums because they made up that word, but he just looked at me like I was the stupid one. By now, pretty much the whole class was yelling at me to sit down and shut up. I took the opportunity to make a Four-Chan reference, so as a joke, I yelled "FUCKING NORMIES" (because that's what Four-Chan calls people who don't get memes) and ran circles around the desks with my arms behind my back like in anime xD I got a lunch detention from the sub but it was worth it because I got to troll the whole class.